2015 Silicon Valley EAA NDEW Rally

Held at De Anza College, Cupertino, CA on Sept. 19, 2015

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View at the beginning of the EVent. Note the College's Solar array covering the display area

In the charging area, a conversion uses a j1772 adapter to get a charge

Charging was free using the eaasv.org GE rfid card

A Smart ForTwo EV next to a Honda Fit EV

The display area row begins with a Truck, City-El Electric-trike, Toyota RAV4-EV gen1, Tesla Roadster, Escort Station Wagon conversion ...

... another RAV4-EV gen1, Electric Motorcycle, two ice to EV conversions, a Tesla Roadster ...

a sports car conversion, Mitsubishi i-Miev, Corbin Sparrow (pizza-butt), US-Electricar truck, and another Tesla Roadster ...

a Nissan Leaf, and Citi-car EVs

The Citi-car had been upgraded to a 60V Li-ion pack using a 500A controller and motor r:35+mi ts:40+mph

Custom Electric bicycle conversion

Note the controller below the seat

Another Robert 'Bob' Schneeveis creation that uses Electrically driven front legs to pull a solar panel covered two wheel cart

Pedego Electric cargo bicycle with a strong heavy frame ...

... can carry people and or cargo

Rides provided by BMW, Ford, Nissan, and individual EV drivers

Fiat 500e EV with an Electric bicycle rack on the rear

Specialized Electric bicycle battery pack can be charged in the bike, or removed when locked up so that the pack could be charged separately

Professional Electric-board rider, riding in front of a BMW i8 plug-in-hybrid

A sports car conversion. Owner opted for a light front li-ion pack for high performance with a lesser range.

Mercedes Electric drive

Toyota RAV4EV gen2 (no longer in production)

Tweeted image taken by eaasv.org chapter